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my rabbit gave birth to four babies a month ago and then gave birth to more today without being put back in with the male . she is in pin with just her four babies how did she have more today ????

Was she in the cage with the male the day the babies were born?  Rabbits can get pregnant immediately after giving birth.  There is no possible way that day old babies bred their mother so she was with the buck at some point about 30 days ago.  If she was not in with the male on the day of the babies birth then your children or your spouse or someone is lying to you about them not being put together.

Rabbit babies need a full 8 weeks of their mothers milk in order to develop normally>  I have attached an article that explains why. It is very important to house the male and the female separate unless they are fixed.  I strongly suggest that if you plan to have the male and female together that you get the male fixed immediately.  When the babies are weaned you should get the female fixed also.  Female rabbits that are not spayed have a high chance of developing reproductive cancer.  

You may have no other choice than to remove the 4 week old babies and hope they survive.  If you know any breeders in your area you may be able to foster the new born babies to some of the litters they currently have.  If the babies have been born in the past few days the mother will never know as rabbits can't count.  You can rub a little bit of the mothers fur on the babies so that she does not smell your doe.  If you don't know anyone you will just have to hope for the best.  

Make sure to separate the babies before 12 weeks old or they will impregnate each other.  If you do not know how to sex rabbits properly then I suggest you go to a rabbit savvy vet or contact the breeder where you got your original rabbit.  Do not trust pet store employees they are quite often wrong and this leaves large amounts of homeless bunnies that are dumped in shelters or worse yet, set free to die!!

Please get your rabbits fixed.  If your rabbit is having new babies 4 weeks after the original babies then either need to find a mentor or you need to stop breeding rabbits because you have obviously not done any research.

Thank you and good luck


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