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Rabbits/dental/diet issues


Hi there,
My 7 yr old rabbit has had dental problems for years. Recently, the vet had to extract 2 of her teeth as it was rotten and had pus and was also affecting her eye. She has been doing better after a few days and manage some pellets(softened) and vege on her own. However, since 2 days ago, she has not touch her pellets at all. She only eats her vege. We are still supporting with critical care syringe feeding but I wonder if you have any suggestions to this problem.

Many thanks.

Hi Pamela

Sorry to hear about the dental issues. Sadly so common in rabbits.

I would get the vet to check her mouth again if she's gone off food. There could be pus coming back up - no one wants to eat with a mouthful of pus :( or some of the other teeth could have moved after the extraction and mean it hurts to eat hard food, or there could be infection in there causing pain when she chews.

Offer her mushed up pellets with warm water, that's often more palatable as well as critical care. You can try with some Readigrass too, it smells awesome and because it's quite short cut, doesn't involve too much chewing.

But I would get the vet to check the wound site first.

Good luck!


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