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My rabbit is pregnant for the second time now, the first time she made her nest and gave birth on the exact same day. She is prenant now again but still hasnt had her babies but she made her nest 4 days ago. Do you know when or how long she will give birth in?

Hi Simrat-

I am not sure how far along your rabbit is, but generally rabbits will give birth between day 31 and day 34 post breeding. Nesting behavior is generally seen 3-5 days prior to birthing, although some does like to cut it short and build the nest while in labor, and some does like to build the nest a week in advance. Usually they do not pull fur until shortly before going into labor.

if she built a nest and it is between day 28-35, I would not be concerned. If it is prior to day 20 I would be concerned it is a false pregnancy and if it is past day 35, I would be worried that she may have a retained kit and would need medical assistance.

Good luck!


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