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Rabbits/Hard poop balls stuck to anal area.


My month old kits have them stuck to the fur.  Guess soft stool are pressed together and harden into a big one.  Should I just let the mother remove them in time or should I give the kits a soaking to soften the poop and wash the area?

Hi Tom,

The mother will not clean them but water is going to make it worse.  You need to get some small clippers and pick the poop balls off.  It is not pleasant but unless you want to take them to the vet to get it shaved off, this is probably your only option.  Rabbits have very delicate skin.  Do not put the clippers anywhere near the skin.  Since the mass of poop is most likely not entirely on the skin you can cut into it with scissors and pick it apart.  If poop bothers you, you can wear gloves.  Although I will tell you that it is really much easier to just pick it apart with your fingers.  I know it is not pleasant and nobody wants to pick through poop but if you don't it is just going to keep getting bigger and the babies are in danger of getting fly strike.  Not to mention that if they have a wad of poop on their butt they will not be able to eat their cecotropes.

Rabbits who get like this usually have a dietary issue.  Are you feeding them hay?  They need hay.  It is acceptable to feed them alfalfa hay since they are babies but if their pellets also have alfalfa (most commercial pellets do) then I would use timothy hay.  If you are giving them any veggies that may be to much for their delicate GI system.

Good luck to you



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