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I have 2 rabbits, they have a whole room for themselves, when I'm home they are allowed to roam the apartment but in the last few months or so they have been staying in their room when I'm home. They seem like they are perfecly content. Nothing stressful has been going on and they are healthy. I tried to bribe them with treats with no success. Any ideas on what's going on and how I can get them out of their room . I feel like they are being neglected because the only time they get any attention is when I go in there which is all not that often. :(

Hi Celeste,

Do you have any other animals or anything they might be scared of in your home?  Bunnies are fabulous little creatures but when they have a bonded mate, they are usually pretty content to just hang out with them.  I assure you that if they have an entire room to play in and they are getting all their normal feed and especially treats, that you are not neglecting them.  I have a few house bunnies too and I have one that lives in my kitchen.  He will not leave the kitchen no matter how much I try to force him to.  He is content in his own little space and I think he just feels safe there.  As much as we want to know what our animal friends are thinking, it is kind of impossible.  As long as they are eating, pooping, playing and grooming each other then I wouldn't worry to much about it.  Bunnies are weird.  You may want to ask some of the other experts for their opinion as well.

Good luck to you

Paula Murdock
Little Angels Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
Sherman, NY


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