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Rabbits/Help! Uterine cancer and Soft poop for 3 weeks


Hi Dr.Dana. My 3 year old bun has faced quite a few problems the past few months. To give a summary, she first showed blood in her urine a month ago, after which we got her ultrasound and urine and blood routine and culture and the vets diagnosed it as uti for which she was started in antibiotic but due to over dose of enrofloxacin she stopped eating and was fed critical care. In the next ultrasound the bladder returned to original but blood Still kept showing up in the urine. On your advice I decided to get her spayed in case she might have cancer. But then she had soft poops and that was 2 weeks ago. Now her poops still come out soft in the morning time. But return to normal brown fibrous around afternoon time after she has eaten a bit. She usually tends to eat a little less in the morning. I've started her on domperidome and probiotics. She's also on Ayurvedic treatment for uti since any antibiotic we give for her uti back fires and her poops start getting more and more unformed. I wanted to schedule a surgery for 7th of this coming month. But her unformed brown/black poop every morning is making me think otherwise. Her recent report for urine routine came back sterile even though we did pick up her urine from the floor. Due to no vet expertise it is not possible le to give her an enema or any fluids to flush out her intestine. It's been 2 weeks but her poops have not returned to normal. The soft poops are intermittent and usually seen in the morning or night time. Is there anything I can do now? Because we need to ready her for the surgery as the blood in her urine still comes up once in a few days.

Hi, Poorvi

I would try a probiotic, such as freeze-dried Lactobacillus acidophilus, suspended in water.  I hope you can get that.  We use the contents of two capsules, and it seems to help normalize the GI tract so that normal microbes can take hold and get things more normal.

But note that unformed cecotropes can often be a sign of illness that has nothing to do with the GI tract, and in this case it could be her urinary tract/uterine problem causing discomfort.  

If the vet thinks she is a reasonably good candidate for surgery, then I would not worry too much about intermittent soft stools.  Please read this for good measure:

I hope all goes well.  This has been a hard road for both of you!



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