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QUESTION: My 4 yr old male rabbit has been depressed due to losing his mate.  We have been keeping a close eye on him because we know all too well what can happen ( we have had rabbits in our home for many years ).  He has lost a little weight ( 5.7 lbs to 4.6lbs ) but is eating and drinking normally.  Today I found a spot on the floor that quite frankly looked a lot like foamy barf from a dog, only it was clear.  I know it had to come from the rabbit because it was in the bunny's room where there are no dogs.  I found a second spot just a few minutes ago right where he had been standing.  It looks like foamy air bubbles, but when I touched it, it felt like gel.  I have no idea what this could be? What are your thoughts on this?


This may sound like an odd question, but do you know where the discharge is coming from? Bunnies can have discharge from eyes, nose, mouth, bum, etc. It's possible, if bun has had gut stasis, they can have a mucous-y soft poo, but I couldn't even begin to guess without at least a picture.

I'd suggest a vet visit as soon as possible, with a sample if you can.

Best of luck, and I hope this helps!

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QUESTION: The next morning we did go to the vet with sample in hand.  By then he was having normal poops.  I was told that his colon was most likely irritated from chewing on his cardboard house hide out.  They can excrete this jelly like clear substance.  I have has rabbits for years and years and I did not know that they could poop clear I leasrn something new everyday! We have been giving him a probiotic since then and he seems back to his normal playful self until it is time for the probios probiotic paste I have to give him. Then he doesn't like me anymore.  I am the medication person and dad holds them, but they never get mad at him!!  Thanks for answering so quickly. I really appreciate it.


Oh fantastic! At least you discovered the issue and it was an easily correctable one. I think I just learned something as well. Probiotics are wonderful for restoring the natural flora in the gut, so it makes sense that this would return him to normal.

Bunny-tude only lasts a short while, and if you offer a treat (strawberry, craisins, etc.) it should help to smooth things over. :)

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