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Help, we have 2 female rabbits and 1 male.  They are in a large area and all got on well...until a month ago.  Then female B started attacking female F.  the male and female F are related and been together since birth.  Female B joined later and all bonded well.  Then the fights.  We separated them, and had B spayed (F had already been done).  We kept B in a cage within the larger area while she recovered.  Then we tried to re-bond in a neutral area in the garden.  It seems F remembers the attacks and now she is fighting back.  We then took them for a car ride in a van, they didn't attack and laid close, so we went back in the open space and F kept going for B again.  We sprayed with water each time, she would stop, but kept going back. Not sure what to do next.  Now F is in the cage while we consider the next move.  The children are upset seeing them fight.  Any ideas?


It sounds like the bond was broken because of the separate spay. I might suggest trying more than one car ride before putting them all back in the big space, or maybe try a carrier on top of the dryer with some shoes in it (simulates a stressful situation). Have you tried making two smaller spaces side by side, sharing one wall, so that they can get used to each other again? Maybe have them share a hay pile?

A separate question, out of curiosity - is the male aggressive?



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