Hi, I am trying to find out what is a good additive or supplement to give to my rabbits during molt. They are on a top quality pellet food, good quality grass hay and during molt I have been adding a small amount of black oil sunflower seed and barley. This usually works and gets them through the molt fairly quick ( they vary some in speed of molt) , but I have a couple of bucks, different breeds, that have been in a molt for a long time!!!! One has been in a molt since before Christmas!!! I have not been able to show him because of this, and I have heard you can use wheat germ oil to help through molt. Is this a good idea or is there something else I can give them????  Thank you!!!

Dear Tei,

Supplements are not really going to speed up the process.  The best way to get rid of a bunny's shedding fur is to groom him.  

Rabbit fur is slick, but you can use a fine-toothed flea come like this one:


A great way to remove the last bits of fur that don't come off with the comb is to wet your hands and then rub the palms up and down the bunny's body.  LOTS of loose fur will come off, and you can then just rub your palms together to get off the felt and repeat the procedure until the bunny is nice and smooth.

The benefit of grooming is that your bunny will not ingest the fur, which can cause GI irritation.  It's good to give them plenty of fresh grass hay and wet greens to keep intestinal content hydrated at all times, but especially while they are shedding.

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I hope this helps.



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