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I have a rabbit who is drinking water, urinating and will eat spring mix salad leaves but does not appear to poop, what can I purchase to give him to clean him out and get him going again, tried massage, gave drops of olive oil last night and still not pooping but did drink and eat this morning, he has timothy hay and pellets for rabbits but doesnt seem to want those but will eat the salad leaves, thank you

Good morning Mary!

The best way to get things moving is definitely hay. It seems your bun is being picky about what you've provided. If you can, try another brand of Timothy hay. You can reach out to shelters and rescues to see who they source from and try that. Or... another option is to try an orchard grass. Some bunnies are just particular.

In the mean time, is bun bloated or is/are behavior/eating habits changing?



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