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Scott wrote at 2009-02-27 02:05:43
The meat industry is not the only market to sell your rabbits. Try checking into the Frozen feeder market.  That is where I sell my rabbits and do pretty well.  It is true that you won't get rich with rabbits but a comfortable living is not out of the question.  

oxo wrote at 2013-05-16 23:31:58
plenty of ventalation required they can stand the cold  but not the heat wire cage floors 3/4 inch square   large gadge wire  so not to cut the feet and 3foot by 2 per doe automatice watering is a must they need it . i made sunken  wire floor nest boxes  about the size of a shoe box   putting in a disposable cardboard  nest box insert the babys   which get out can easly get back in removing the young at 4 weeks  to fatten  all should be at weight by 8 weeks pellet food only way for rapid growth fattening of grass  greens takes the best part of the year not recomended   newzealand whites and californians crossed are best  californians  pure have better conformation but are smaller  recomend californian does and n z w buck  one buck to 20 - 30 does .the most i produced was 400 a fortnight   part time evenings and weekends the tightest turn around time is five weeks between litters but the does  are only good with this about a year i sold the muck to a market gardener  i miss the rabits but the market was up and down i sold to a big processing plant live rabbits at fortnightly collections   esimating quontatys fortnightly and  contracted  for the year


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I am a breeder of Californian, New Zealand, Mini Rex, Mini Lop and Dutch rabbits. I can help you with breeding, and care for young rabbits. I have delt with issues such as snuffles, head tilt, diarrhea, and I have rescued many bunnies suffering from malnutrition and neglect.


I am a breeder and lover of rabbits. I have sold rabbits to and helped many 4-H members with their projects. I have owned a rabbitry and bred and raised californians and mini rez rabbits for several years.

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