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Rabbits/How long will a rabbit stay in heat?


Tyler wrote at 2008-11-18 07:49:41
For example to add to the question if i lay down with my rabbit and place my head face down into a pillow she thinks its another rabbit and will start sniffing around and grunting, then try to mount my head.

It's quite scary but I'm saving now to get her spayed because it is expensive and i cant find anywhere to do it for cheap.

Becca wrote at 2012-09-15 03:08:50
My rabbit was like this for about a week.. but now its better. Must be a common thing. Just letting you know I had the same problem and mine is done with it now

Ashleigh wrote at 2013-12-15 09:22:16
Well first, your rabbit should alway have a chew toy. Second, your rabbits main diet should be Timothy Hay. They should had access to hay everyday through out the day. She be given less than a cup of pellets a day. They need the nutrients in hay for their digestive system it is very important that is their main food source. Rabbits do not like being held in the first place, with time and effort you can train your rabbit into enjoying being held for short periods of time or just enjoy sitting on the floor playing with your rabbit. They are ground critters whose nature is that they think the motion of being picked up is bad, they are a prey species as the upward motion in like being picked up by a fox or other predator. But yes in oreder so stop the aggression you must spay her. Enjoy your fluffy critter!

- I own a female rabbit and grew up with rabbits (:


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