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Adam, I have heard it said, and after looking into am somewhat inclined to agree, that democrats are the true racists. It has been said that abortion was initially started to wipe out blacks. Today abortion is barely short of black genocide. With abortion being part of the democratic platform, there is some merit to that argument. From your experience, are there more likely to democratic or republican racists, or is there a noticeable difference?

By the way, I am registered independent FYI. Thank you.

Hi Phil,

Interesting thought. Let me say that I don't think we can reduce being a "racist" to any particular political party. People from all walks of life regardless of political affiliation can harbor deep dark thoughts about others.

For the person that has to endure physical and or emotional pain at the hands of an individual because that person has a particular view point about how someone feels about them, being Democratic or Republican will make little difference.

In regards to abortion and black genocide, I cannot speculate about that. Abortion is so personal that I can't imagine that the idea as you presented has merit simply because it's part of a party's platform.

I haven't personally considered whether or not which party harbors the most "racists". How could that be measured?

What I hope is that people can find a way to get along and love one another and hopefully realize that we all need each other.  

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