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Hi, Adam,

I am planning to apply to NYCHA, the New York City Housing Authority, that gives out its apartments to low- and middle income applicants and then, after being selected, takes over a big part of the tenant's rent.
I am sure you know about that.

My question is:

I am a single, white, Caucasian woman and plan to apply at nycha for an apartment.
I have researched and found that of the current tenants living in the  nycha buildings

53%  are black
43%  are Hispanics and Latinos
1%  is white
3%  others.

The 1 % White are mostly Asian Whites.

How dangerous is it to live as a single, Caucasian white woman in a nycha apartment?

Should I apply or should I look for another solution?

Thanks in advance for your reply....K

Hi K.

Interesting question but there is an answer. First, I can't speak to how dangerous it would be to live as a single white woman in a NYCHA apartment. After looking at the news of late, it's getting dangerous to live anywhere regardless of who you are.

However, your concern should not be centered on race in either case. As a race relations expert I ironically do not focus on race because race isn't the issue. No one will ever mistreat you because you're white or a woman. If they do, and I hope no one does, then let me assure you neither your race or theirs will influence their behavior because race can't do that.

Now, knowing this doesn't mean you shouldn't be concern about your safety. Just keep in mind that people regardless of color have the potential to be destructive. In fact, we all have the same potential K. The major difference is that most of us value others enough to leave them alone and if that's not enough, we value our freedom.

I can't advise if you should look for another place. But if you do, your decision to do so should be based on whether you will feel safe, whether there are proper safe guards in place, that the place is maintained properly and so on. But don't be mislead into thinking that your race or gender will make you a target if you decide on moving into the NYCHA. Your race and gender isn't broken. It's our perceptions of each other that is.

If there is a silver lining in all this it would be that there are probably a lot of good people living in the NYCHA. People who, like you, are hard working and trying to care for themselves or their families. People who believe in watching out for their neighbor. People who believe in treating others the way they want to be treated. But of course, no matter where you go, there will always be people who have less than honorable intentions. And this is true even in Beverly Hills.

So go ahead and apply. Applying doesn't obligate you and it certainly will not hurt you. When it's all said and done K, go with your gut instincts. Hope this helps and good luck!

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