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Not started yet- have pex bought - starting this spring- planning a shop/ garage- radiant floor- water heater- central Iowa- putting in R-10 slab & footing insulation- R-15 walls R-38 ceiling. no windows- insulated garage & walk thru door. I want to know what % of my water needs to be or ratio of water/antifreeze I need and not hurt the heating abuility of the water- also I have been told to use DISTILLED water in the closed sytem??? true or false?

Here in Minneapolis we rarely use anti=freeze of any kind except when installing hydronic snow melting in a driveway or sidewalk. In this application, where flow will be require in sub=freezing temperatures we use a 35% mix of inhibited propylene glycol for burst protection down to -40F and flow to -11F.

This give you some idea of the requirements of a typical shop or residence.

We premix the anti=freeze and check the pH with a properly calibrated electronic pH meter and the concentration with a properly calibrated refractometer. Distilled or soft water should not be used unless your water is very hard, in which case professional advice should be secured before you commit yourself.

The other factor in any hydronic system is the components and the heat source in particular. There are many types of boilers with many types of heat exchangers. Each manufacturer will have list of appropriate additives and some are very particular about pH and the type of propylene glycol they will allow.

Every year we replace a heat exhanger or other heating system component for lack of maintenance or bad chemistry or both. We use non-toxic chemicals to flush dirty systems and carefully proscribe the right inhibited additives for the particular system we are working on.  

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