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in a 26'x40' x 6'' driveway what size pipe & spacing is needed in eastern mt. climate facing  north west it gets full sun in afternoon and wind blows snow off mostly plumber is saying 9'' o.c. 3/4''pex can it bend that tite with out crimping

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Badger Snow/Ice Meltin  
There is more to driveway snow/ice melting than PEX size and spacing--though you have mentioned some of the most important variables i.e. location (I have been to eastern Montana and found it a pretty big place), orientation (many of our snow/ice melting systems serve drives and sidewalks that never see the sun), wind speed (can easily double the required boilers output) and most importantly the Class of snow/ice melting system you require.

The last is more about expectations for performance based design.

See my web page for a description of the three classes of Snow/Ice melting.


PEX size and spacing, or turn radius for that matter, is one of the last things I decide when designing snow/ice melting for a driveway but certainly one of the most important.

The manufacturer will specify the the minimum turn radius for their various radiant floor tubing. Generally, the smaller the tube, the shorter the turn.

If you send a drawing we can confirm the specifications and send back a CAD drawing denoting tube size, length, spacing. Not to mention Btu/sq.ft., flow rates, pumps, design water temperature, design surface temperature, gas boiler size and the concentration of antifreeze for snow/ice melting in Eastern Montana...no, it is not a 50/50 mix.  

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