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I just purchased a home with pex based radient heat throughout and I want to add a ducted ac system in it. I have been told by some it isn't possible. Others have said it is and they will just have to repair any damage done to the pex tubing which is encased in gypcrete.

what is the right answer here?

It is possible. Anything is possible, its a matter of cost.  I am going to have to say that I would have no reservations about adding a ducted ac system in a home with radiant/gyp heating, again, the only reserve would be cost which of course will be more than new construction as you are going to have to hide and soffit around ducts.  That being said, you will simply have to repair any pex that is damaged during the process.  The only thing here is to be sure that the pex is connected together properly to allow flow.  Another option for you is ductless splits which I am sure you have looked at as well.  But by all means, if you can afford it, run the ducted system.  I would just be sure to hire a mechanical contractor that specializes in both radiant and ducted systems so that the guy that is cutting through the pex to get a duct through is the same guy repairing it.

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