Hi, I went to a college for contemporary song writing/ production etc.  I took a jingle class many years ago on how to write, sell and pitch a jingle.  Looking back now and thinking I may want to try out some of the lessons.  I seem to be missing the info as to who I should contact at the station to pitch the jingle.

I am sure the radio station guys know who to contact when they contact a prospect at a local company.  Hoping you could help.  Thank you.

At the station end of it, you would want to talk to the sales manager.  However, most spots are handled by the department in an ad agency.that handles the creative side of things.  If it is a local spot, many stations or clusters of stations have in house people such as the copywriter and the program director.  At some.stations, the account executive responsible for spot sales also handles the creative end.  Who are you pitching this to, the station or the ad agency?  You may want to try to get involved with the ad agency because they usually handle the creative end.  What is not handled by the agency is handled by the station itself.

I would try to find out the personnel in the station and from there you can determine who the creative people are.  If it is a big station, there is a person known as a continuity person.
There are also copywriters who get involved, unless the advertising material is provided solely by the ad agency.  All local advertising (advertising that originates at the station from the local sales people and the local sales manager) all need their spots to be written.  You just have to figure out if there is a separate copywriter or if the sales people also write their own copy.  The sales manager or local sales manager will usually be the one to talk to.  The local spots and advertisers are the ones from the non-chain stores and the mom-and-pop stores and businesses that are not national and outside of the regional area.


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