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Hello. I like songs from different years and want to find a way to have them all on one CD. Is there a company that knows how to take songs from all over, different years and artists and assemble them onto one CD for my listening? I know the name of the songs and who sang them. May you tell me if you know of a way to do this? Thank you,



There is no way to simply request songs and have them delivered to you.  There are some sites, like torrent sites that promise to offer these songs but downloading them is considered piracy
(bootlegging) by the song's authors or the music-licensing agencies who license the playing or
performance of these songs (ASCAP, BMI and SESAC).

I would suggest to you there is no easy and inexpensive way to do this.  You need to buy the music or if you have it already, use one of the readily available software applications to burn a cd with all the tunes in it, such as iTunes or the Windows cd-burning software.

The copyright owners and rights-holders have begun to be more vigilant about allowing people
to have access to the music that the music-licensing companies make available.

There is no company that I know of that will take all sorts of music and put it together and
make it available to you for your convenience.  They would be opening themselves up to all sorts of lawsuits.

Technically, you are not even supposed-to make copies of music or video (copyrighted items) for your own use.


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