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zenith radio  

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product plate  
I would like and information and the current value today if I were to sell it. It is all original I'm not sure if it works because the cord has some bare spots and I dnt wanna shock myself trying to plug it in to see.

I believe I tried to answer this question a few weeks ago.  I have researched all my reference material and in looking through the information and the photos I do not find anything identical.
There are similar units that probably were manufactured about the same time but I cannot find anything exactly the same.  Apparently the embossed plate included in the photo above is a
serial number, not a model number as I cannot find anything similar listed anywhere.  I think the
general rule-of-thumb is, depending on the condition and also whether the unit works or not, the
radio is worth at least $75-$100 and upwards.  What I would do is replace the power cord first, to see if the unit powers up and then you might be able to determine from there how much more
the radio is worth.  If you were local to me or someone I know, I could have someone stop by and test it or check it out.  Obviously if you could determine if it works and when working, you could ask more for it than if you were not able to promise a functioning unit.  IN what state are you located?  I would say, the unit is probably from the late 1930's (1936?) based on the
serial number.  Almost 70 years later, it is tough to determine the background and history of
the radio because I am not certain where to go to do any additional research.  I hope I have been of some help but unless I can find some additional information or photos, I cannot be of any additional assistance.  I will look for more reference material this week and see if I have any
additional information to provide.


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