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zenith radio
zenith radio  
zenith radio
zenith radio  
QUESTION: How much is this 1937 all original zenith radio worth?

ANSWER: It all depends on what condition it is in and whether it works and also the year of manufacture.
I can give you a very general idea of what the thing is worth if I know what the model number is
(should be a small label on back or some information or a small manual).

I have some guides that will give me an idea of what its value is.  Are you considering selling it?

Please send me any additional information you may have available and I will do a little research.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: N362313 the condition is great but I'm not sure if it works because the cord is original and there is a few bare spots so I'm scared of plugging it in to see. I'm not sure yet on saling it guess it depends on what it's worth.

First off, I would replace the cord with a rubberized cord, same as what once was on there.  If you have trouble or if it is beyond your expertise, I would take it to a repair place if you can find one or maybe someone who has some knowledge or expertise with these things.  Failing that, if might make sense to go online to ARC - Antique Radio Classified, which is monthly hobby publication for people that collect oldtime radios and related items.   Also, have you considered selling it?  I would be interested if we could come to an agreement


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