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Radio/Vintage Blaupunkt Operating Manual


Where (on the Internet?) can I access the operating manual for my vintage Blaupunkt tube radio?

I recieved a vintage 1957/1958 Blaupunkt Palma 2435 tube radio for Christmas and would appreciate knowing how to operate fully and properly by having the operating manual (if possible in the English language). I am thinking that someone online has posted this but I am having great difficulty getting any results. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

If you Googled and could not find anything about this manual, then you have pretty much exhausted the mainstream sources for this sort of thing.  Why not try a magazine I used to subscribe to?
I subscribed when it was a paper/hard copy publication and not sure if it still is but it is
available online.  It is ARC - Antique Radio Classified.  You will either find something like that listed in the publication or you can put a situations-wanted ad in the body of the magazine and ask if something like that is available.  There was another publication (their competition) published but I am not sure if this is still in publication.  Good luck and hope this helps.


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