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QUESTION: What happen that when a person on the radio wants to interview me? I tell him that if he does not want any trouble with the FCC he has to tell me the FFC regulations that I have to follow, and I prefer that is pre recorded, because that way if I make a mistake the radio station will not get in trouble with the FCC.

ANSWER: I think prerecording your interview is a perfectly reasonable request. The FCC has eased a lot of rules. The DJ is the one who needs to worry about violating them. If you swear on the air (the one that the FCC still enforces depending on time of day) it would be the station that could face a fine, not you.

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QUESTION: Can a child under the age if then become a DJ? The child has the skills to record/vice track a four hour radio show in 30 minutes. This would be a perfect radio show that contains no mistakes.

I don't know of any age restrictions for on-air talent. I'm sure somewhere a child has had his/her own show. The only tough part would be selling the idea to a station. Children aren't really a key demographic that most stations are looking to attract.  

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