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QUESTION: Can a person from the United Kingdom become a DJ on a radio station in the United States, if he or she can only speak the same type of English that a person speaks on BBC World Service and BBC World News TV speaks?

ANSWER: Yes. There are no citizenship requirements to being a DJ. As for the type of English the BBC sets the standard for correct English. Many stations would love to have someone from the UK on air. I know of one station that has a British DJ playing 70s and 80s rock. He gives a certain authority to the stories he tells about the British bands.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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QUESTION: Why it is that it is extremely difficult when a person that speaks English with a Southern United States accent, travels to Europe most Europeans cannot understand him? When a radio DJ from the same part of he United States travels to Europe and speaks the same type of English Southern United States accent that is spoken on the radio most Europeans that speak English have no trouble understanding him.

I would only be guessing here but I would say that some Americans from the South speak a dialect that is difficult for people from other parts of the U.S. to understand, not only those in Europe. Those who make it on the radio haven't as much of the people from parts of the UK have trouble understanding some people from other parts of the UK. Different dialects than that which we are accustomed to hearing are difficult at first. I myself have difficulty with some English dialects until my ear becomes accustomed to them. (Some English movies for instance may take me 5 or 10 minutes to adjust to).  

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