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This has been puzzling me for years.  What does the man say at the end of the video, and what does it ultimately mean?!  For Christ's sake, tell us already!

The video for Just has never been explained by either the band or the director, so there simply is no official explanation for the video.

There's a lot of theories though. Some people think its kind of a symbol for knowing something you don't want to know, while others simply think it has no meaning at all.. just an attempt at being mysterious and weird.
The video has an effect on people anyway.
At newsgroups, debategroups and other places people are very bored with the question. "Do not ask the Just question!".

What he says? God knows.
Personally I just think its a philosophical riddle of some sort. Would there be ANYTHING the man could have said to make all those people lay down? What would that be?

Its fun to think about at least. :)
If you have any theories. Let me know.



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