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Hello Michael,

You seem very knowledgeable and looking for help for what to do. My Dr. said to get an MRI and then put it in my file. Most of these conditions our new and l5-S1 has continued to digress, I underwent surgery in September 2009 for a microdisectomy/laminotmoy. This has all happened with-in a three year time span, I just turned 40 and female. The only accident I have had that may have played a factor but do not know. Is at the age of 12 while at cheer leading practice I had falling backwards,while someone was holding me on my rear end, I broke my tailbone at the time, but no problems up until I had to have surgery.  

I will be downloading my MRI as it has started in Lumbar but worked it's way up into Thoratic & Cervical.

I look forward to your response, thank you for taking the time to help people.

The MRI has 4 pages, I am only able to upload 2, I will try to send them after I complete these.

Sorry, got tied up with work this week. Will review the report and reply back very soon.

Hello again,

it appears that there is some scar tissue formed around the nerves at the level that had surgery (L5-S1). This is a common sequelae of surgery and unfortunately, there is really not much that can be done for that scar. While another surgery can potentially clean up the region around the nerve, the surgery itself will most likely cause more scarring as it is a tissue's response to healing. This is a tough situation. Just being honest. The things to consider are your level of pain and weakness if any and if these are disabling your life.

it would be best to have couple of opinions from different specialties. I would go see a pain management doctor who can try to do different shots and see what causes you most pain. Physical therapy should probably be done in combination as well.  

You also need a very careful physical exam to see what makes your pain worse. Is it radiculopathy which may be from scarring around the nerves?  Is it from facet degeneration? perhaps shots may help here.  Or is it from the disc itself? There are some findings on the MRI that suggest that as a possibility.   If latter is true then you may need fusion of L5-S1 BUT this is the last resort and you should try everything else before going for another surgery.  This option will always be there.

Hope this helps, and sorry for the delay again.

Michael K.


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