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Hi Michael,

I have the MRI observation. I would like to know what is the problem, how critical is the condition and what can be done in this case? Thanks. The observations from the MRI are:-

Normal lumbar lordosis is maintained. The lumbar vertebrae shows normal alignment. Vertebral bodies reveal normal contour, height and marrow signal intensity.

At L4-5, disc desication, disc herniation, bilateral facetal arthopathy thickening and infolding of ligamentum flavum indent anterior thecalac, encroaches bilateral lateral recess and exit foramina. Traversing L5 nerve roots are compressed on either side.

At L5-S1, disc herniation indents anterior thecal sac and enroaches bilateral lateral recess and exit foramina. No nerve root compression is seen.

Rest of the lumbar intervertebral discs reveal normal signal intensity. No significant disc bulge is noted.

Rest of the facetal joints an dligamentum flavi are normal.

The visualized lower end of the cord and conus are normal in posiiton and signal intensity. The paraspinal soft tissue appears normal.


Mild central and moderate bilateral lateral canal stenoiss at L4-5 due to disk herniation facetal arthopathy thickening and infolding of ligamentum flavum cause compression of traversing L5 nerve roots

At L5-S1, disk herniation intense anterior thecal sac and encroaches bilateral lateral recess and exit foramina

Hello Kmenon,

These results are not critical at all.  MRI often shows things that are not clinically relevant or significant.  There are two levels that may correspond to your symptoms of pain or radiculopathy. These are L4-5 and L5-S1.  Your doctor needs to do a careful exam to see if the symptoms that you have correlate with these nerve roots.  If so, your doctor may recommend a trial of injections to relieve some of the pain or other abnormal sensation.  spinal surgery if ever advised should be the last of the last resorts.
Otherwise, there are a lot of technical terms here that are not that important unless some procedure is planned.

Hope this helps.



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