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My husband has multiple problems with his cervical spine C1-C7. I have managed to find most terminologies but what does anterior impression on the thecal sac mean? This is in the C5/6 region and in this area is caused by disc space narrowing and disc hardening.
They won't operate because of the extent of injury and no pain relief has been successful so I am trying to understand it all in hope I can find an answer to his pain and reduction of upper body mobility and strength.
Thank you for taking the time to look.

Hello Kellie,

Anterior impression on the thecal sac means that the disc bulges out and deforms the adjacent spinal canal.  Often there is also degree of deformity/narrowing that is assigned in the report. If there is not degree assigned that means it is very mild.

Interesting about decline of surgery.  Usually that IS the reason to operate - extent of injury and no relief.  Perhaps there is more to the story.

Hope my answer helps.



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