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I am having some stomach problems and have recently had 2 CT scans with contrast. They both show that I have a large appendix, but further labs reveal no infection or inflammation. The doctors are still trying to determine it this large appendix is normal for me.

What I wanted to know is this...A few years ago I had an MRI done of my lower back, there was no contrast for this procedure. Is it possible that they captured an image of my appendix at that time that they can use as a comparison? Is it at least something worth looking into?


Hello, Pam.

It is highly unlikely that an MRI of your lumbar spine would show an image of your appendix. An MRI of the spine is taken with a narrow field of view focused on the spinal anatomy only. This narrow field of view would not include the abdominal area in which your appendix lies.

Hope you feel better soon!

Delia White
Santa Barbara Extremity MRI


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