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I have been experiencing severe, sharp, intense and chronic pain in my left elbow with the pain along the outside of the elbow since August.  I have been taking a NSAID, muscle relaxer, and putting ice on it and still the pain is just as sharp and intense.  So, I had an x-ray done and it don't show anything except to confirm that I have DDD and DJD (Degenerative Disk and Joint Disease) in my shoulder joint.  So, I had a MRI taken of my elbow and it showed a small joint effusion and subcutaneous soft tissue edema on the posterior anteromedial to the olecranon process of ulna suggestive of brusitis.  Do you think that small joint effusion could be putting pressure on the ulna nerve and what about tendonitis?  Thanks for your help.


I would quess that joint effusion that is small is unlikely to put pressure on the ulnar nerve. However, that is easily checked by physical exam to see if the ulnar nerve is affected. If you have abnormal sensation in your index to pinky fingers then it may be, if not that it is probably just fine.  Tendonitis is a different story and there should be fluid around the tendons for us to suggest this inflammation. If this is not decribed that I can't comment on it much more than that. I thin a good physical therapist or orthopaedic surgeon can figure all this out.

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