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Hello Michael.

I'm having intestine problems similar to IBS and I'm choosing not to have a CT Scan because of the high radiation but instead to have an MRI. I know MR Enterography provides a great study of intestines for Crohn's but would the MRI of Abdomen be able to show the intestines as well?



I do want to point out that the best study for IBS and evaluation of the bowel is a colonoscopy and small bowel follow though on fluoroscopy. CT or MRI will provide some information like bowel wall thinkening and some potential complications but they are by no means a diagnostic tool for IBS.

So the first question is why do you need CT or MRI?  If you know the answer to that question then I would advise you to go for a CT scan. While MRI is a great tool, there are numerous issues with evaluation of the bowel. Yes, it is much better now than five years ago, and perhaps in a large urban referral center for IBS they may have a great MRI enterography and MRI imaging of the abdomen but if you are not going to a center like that, do youself a favor and get a CT scan.  There is nearly zero risk of developing cancer from a single CT to the abdomen.  Check out

To answer your question - MRI of the abdomen will not evaluate bowel very well because bowel moves around all the time and MRI images will be degraded by this natural bowel motion.



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