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I had an MRE of my small bowel last week, the results were:

Within the mid sigmoid colon there is a soft6 tissue thickening.  There is enhancement of this area on the axial scans of the pelvis, pre and post contrast.

I was diagnosed with crohns disease and endometriosis in 2008. Do you think the results are consistent with crohns or endometriosis?  If crohns, is it stil active?

Any opinions would be appreciated.


These findings by themselves are not specific and can be seen in multiple diagnoses.  However, Crohn's can certainly have similar findings.
Endometriosis is less likely unless you have a known endometriosis involving your colon.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the feedback and comments. It is interesting to me that since I didn't provide you with a definitive answer,  the knowledge and clarity rating went down.  I would imagine that if I said yes and no to your inquiries then it would be more helpful to you and would answer all your uncertainties, and you would rate the answer differently.  The problem of course with this logic is that doctors who do that, does that so the patients will like them better, even though these type of answers are often suboptimal and untrue.  
Yes we do it for free, and with very little information given to us by the person who asks the questions.  Very often extensive work ups are done by a team of doctors without clear answers, so people come to this forum, provide a two line question and expected a miracle. In case of less than a miracle, it turns out to be a great disappointment.  You are not the first, nor the last to rate the answer this way.  Some people ask follow up questions when something is unclear or they want more information.
I hope that all of your concerns will be answered to your satisfaction. I am sure you have awesome doctors that take care of you.  



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