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I am having tremendous pain in both buttocks, right hip, and entire legs (both sides). I can walk for short distance and then have to stop and wait for pain to subside. I have pain when walking, sitting, standing or laying down.
MRI results:L3-L4: 3mm diffuse annular bulge. Slight impression on the anterior aspect of thecal sac. No central or neural foaminal stenosis. 8 mm synovial cyst posterior to right L3-L4 facet joint.
The bilarteral common iliac arteries also demonstrate patchy calcific atherosclerosis> Focal & caclcified atherosclerotic plaque involving the distal left common iliac artery results in approx 50% narrowing of left distal common iliac artery
Patchy calcific atherosclerosis of left common femoral artery & superficial femoral artery is identified
Extensive hepatic steatosis is  demonstrated
Small fat containing mass w/in the medial head of the left gastrocnemius muscle most likely represents intramuscular lipoma
All this equals: Patchy calcific atherosclerosis involving the abdominal aorta, common iliac arteries, external iliac arteries, common femoral arteries and superficial femoral arteries bilaterally.
Vascular doctor says can't do stent until blocked 60%. Spine surgeon says nothing on MRI that would be causing my pain.
Could the 8MM synovial cyst be causing it? The cyst was just 3mm 2 years ago.


Thanks for your question.

I would tend to agree with both vascular doctor and the surgeon from the information that you gave me.  The cyst can cause some pain in your pack but should not be the cause of pain in your buttocks, hip, and legs.  Of course, one thing to figure out (and it seems that your doctors tried to do that) is that if the pain is due to vascular disease or degenerative bone and disk disease.  

You can certainly find a doctor who would consider aspirating the cyst and possible try a facet joint injection that may relief some of the pain in your back (if you have any).

Let me know if you have any more questions. I'd be happy to clarify things.

Hope this helps.



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