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What does L4-L5 disc space narrowing,disc desiccation,posterior facet hypertrophic changes,and a briad-based disc bulge creatibg moderate central and severe bilateral stenosis mean??

Hello Renee,

Between vertebral bodies is a disc. That disc is a nice shock absorber but it gets old as we get old. it gets thinner(space narrowing) and dehydrated (desiccation). it also flattens out (like rolling the dough) and therefore its margins extend beyond the normal contours.  These margins narrowing adjacent canals, spinal canal and foramenal canals (where the nerves exit). Facet joints are joints along the back of the spine that get bigger (hypertrophy) as we age.

All of us have this stuff to a different degree.  What is important is that if you have any pain and symptoms related to L4-5 disc, because sometimes all these changes don't really cause any problems.

Hope this helps.
I have answered lots of question on MRI and spines. You'll find the answers in the previous questions listed on the site.

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