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Hi Michael!

Can you "translate" this MRI report for me and let me know if there is any hope for me?  Thanks!
MRI Lumbar wo contrast
Clinical History: Low back pain with left-sided radiculopathy.
Findings: Vertebral body heights, alignment are within normal limits.  Minimal degenerative disk disease.
T12-L1: No significant degenerative change and no significant central or neural foraminal alteration.
L1-L2: Degenerative disk disease with a left lateral disk protrusion causing mild left L2 neural foraminal stenosis.  No central stenosis.
L3-L4: Degenerative disk disease with mild circumferential bulging disk.  Degenerative facet joints bilaterally. No central or neural foraminal stenosis.
L4-L5: Degenerative disk space narrowing with diffuse circumferential bulging disk with focal left lateral disk protrusion and/or herniation.  There is degenerative change of facet joints bilaterally.  There is moderate left L4 neural foraminal and left L5 lateral recess stenosis.  There is a small disk extending into the left L5 lateral recess.
L5-S1: Degenerative disk disease.  There are degenerative facet joint bilaterally no central or neuroforaminal stenosis.
There are bilateral S2 and S3 sacral perineural cysts the largest one measuring about 2 cm in diameter.
1.   Degenerative disease with a left lateral disk herniation at the L4-L5 level with small fragment within the left L5 lateral recess resulting in left L4 neuroforaminal and left L5 lateral recess stenosis.
2.   S2 and S3 sacral perineural cysts.

Hello Vicki,

Yes there is hope! :)  much much hope.

Actually, lots of technical terms that describe some mild changes in your spine.  Lots of people who do not have any symptoms may have similar MRI findings.  This is not unusual. What is the most important factor is how these findings correlate with your symptoms.  Does a physical exam correlate with the nerves that are described on MRI as being affected by the degenerative changes. if they do then potentially if you have pain, some injections may help. if you do not have symptoms related to a certain level then forget about it.

Sacral perineural cysts are very very common and are 99% not symptomatic..

Hope this helps.



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