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Hi Michael, Please help me with the report below:
severe diffuse, disc bulge with  ligamentum, flavum, hypertrophy are noted at L4,L5 discs, space level causing severe narrowing of bilateral, neural formaino and thecal sac compression

This describes a severely degenerated disc at L4-5 that narrows foramina on both sides(tunnels that nerves exit through out of the spine)  There is also narrowing of the spinal canal itself (thecal sac). Ligamentum hypertrophy is a thickening of ligament along the back of the spinal canal.  

Sriram, all these findings have to be correlated with your symptoms. If you do not have radiculopathy of L4 and L5 nerve roots then the MRI findings are of low significance as many many people have significant degenerative changes without having much pain or nerve damage.
Your doctor should correlate MRI findings with your symptoms.  

If they are concordant then further treatments can be discussed such as injections.  Avoid surgery at all costs unless the pain is so severe that you can't live your everyday life.

Hope this helps.



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