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Good afternoon, i am worried about a mri taken 2 days ago on my sisters lower lumbar. Shes got a herrington rod the length of her back and mri had to be stopped due to extreme heat of her back and the machine shes in dibilitating pain unlike ever in her life . Shes lived in constant pain and we are years into seeking different procedures for relief so for her to express such intolerable pain is alarming. Her actual doctor cant see her til monday..its friday plz advise what we should be concerned with or aware of...  thanks with all sincerity for your help

So very sorry to be late with the reply.
I hope your sister is doing better and you have some reassurance from the doctors.

The magnetic energy from the MRI machine may have heated the rods enough to damage adjacent structures. Depending on what type of metal was used in rods (depending on when she had them placed). It is a very rare occasion but it depends on so many factors to include type of magnetic field 3T vs. 1.5T. 3T will deposit more heat/energy...also sometimes patients cross their arms and legs during the scan which can serve as an arc of the current/energy that is being used by the machine; this also can produce heat...The important thing is that the exam was terminated.  It may take a long time for the healing process to subside and for the pain to decrease.

Hope this helps somewhat.  Very sorry for the delay.



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