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I would appreciate your help in my case, I have done MRI and the result was:
- posterior-central disc extrusion at L5-S1 level causing spinal canal stenosis and mild bilateral neural canal compromise.
- mild circumferential disc bulge with annular tear at L4-5 level causing mild bilateral exiting nerve roots compression.
- mild disc desiccation changes at L5-S1 levels.
- Bilateral facet joint arthrosis at L5-S1 levels
so what is the best management to avoid the operation? I have pain and it goes to my legs even I can not sleep well.

Hello, Suleiman.

It sounds like you have a couple of herniated discs at the bottom of your spinal canal. Looks like you also have some narrowing of your nerve root outlets, too. All will press on nerves to cause pain in your back and down your legs.

You should definitely ask for a second opinion before consenting to surgery. I've had many patients who say their back surgery didn't help them, though it does help in certain circumstances. Your doctor is in the best position to help you decide.

You may also be interested in investigating some pain management clinics. Sometimes they can work wonders with non-surgical solutions to back pain.

Hope this helps,
Delia White
Santa Barbara Extremity MRI


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