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Radiology/MRI for adrenal glands?


Hi Delia,

I'm hoping you can help me with a question I have regarding an MRI of the adrenal glands. I know you said in your expertise page that you aren't a physician/don't know how to interpret reports, but any advice you have will be appreciated!

Basically, a relative of mine has rheumatoid arthritis. Her medication caused hepatotoxicity, so she had a CT scan to look at the liver. That was around a month ago, so we assumed that everything was okay. However, my relative recently got a letter saying that she had to go for an MRI scan as they had seen some fat on the adrenal glands. That was literally it.

I'm hoping you might know what this would be likely to be? What are they looking for?

Any advice you have will be gratefully received. Thanks for reading

Kind regards

Hello, Charlotte.

Adrenal masses can be classified into various groups based upon many characteristics, including the presence of fat and the size & shape of the mass. These imaging features can be used by the radiologist to suggest or confirm a diagnosis.

Although cancer is a possible diagnosis, there are many types of adrenal tumors that are non-cancerous. MRI is better than CT for characterizing the different types of adrenal masses.

So, her physician is doing the appropriate follow-up to finding a fatty adrenal mass. I hope the MRI report brings good news to you & your family.

Hope this helps,


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