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QUESTION: I just got the following results and my doctor is away till next friday! waiting a week is going to kill me. please help with any information you can give me. the results are as follows:
the uterus measures 5.2x2.8x4.0 cm. it demonstrates normal echotexture. endometrial complex measures 4mm which is within normal limits for a menstrual age female.
right ovary measures 1.9x1.1x1.3cm the left measures 1.8x1.6x1.9cm. A 2.8x1.5x1.1cm left ovarian cyst is noted. some low level internal echoes are noted within this cyst which is most likley a mildly complex physiologic cyst though as it is not entirley simple, sonographic followup at the beginning of the menstrual cycle next is recommened to ensure resolution.
1. 2.8cm left ovarian cyst with some low level internal echoes.
what does all that mean? could i have ovarian cancer? i'm 47 years old, i have lower back and front pain along with gas and pressure to urinate sometimes 5 days before my period and a few days after.this is the second month this is happening with this pain. it can get so bad i can't stand up straight. i never had children. my periods are very heavy and always have been, sometimes they last 7 or 8 days, but they alway come every 25-27 days. thankyou for any help you can give me!

ANSWER: Hello, Chrissie.

My translation of the report is as follows:

You have a normal-sized uterus. There is a left ovarian cyst. Your doctor will recommend that you have another ultrasound at the beginning of your next period to be sure the cyst isn't growing.

The cyst could be causing your low back and abdominal pain. Ovarian cysts are common and not usually cancerous. The followup ultrasound will determine whether your cyst is abnormal. I'm willing to bet this is just a normal part of your menstrual cycle.

Try not to worry. It might help if you learn more about ovarian cysts.

Hope this helps,
Delia White
Santa Barbara Extremity MRI

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you for answering me. if i may ask one more question, what about this ultrasound makes it not a simple cyst? if it were simple i would not even think twice about it, but this is complex, why?

A physiologic or functional ovarian cyst is one that serves a purpose in reproductive function. These cysts appear and disappear as you progress from one menstrual cycle to the next.

A simple cyst has no internal structures. A complex cyst has some degree of internal structure. The fact that the radiologist describes "a mildly complex physiologic cyst" indicates only that s/he thinks it is a normally occurring functional cyst that is NOT simple.

All that means is that the cyst does have "some low level internal echoes", meaning the internal composition of the cyst includes more than one type of tissue. It could be a result of the way the technologist took the picture. It is entirely possible that this is normal for you. The follow up ultrasound will determine whether the cyst is cyclical or not.

Here is a page with some basic info about ovarian cysts: If you have other questions, be sure to write them down to bring with you to your doctor's office. That way, you won't forget to ask.

Hope this helps,
Delia White
Santa Barbara Extremity MRI


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