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I have a simple question

Will an MRI or CT scan of the brain with and without contrast show surly if someone had a stroke whether from a clot or bleeding or show bleeding that occurred a month ago or some weeks ago

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Not sure when you asked the question as I incidentally just found it in a general pool. So sorry for the delay.

MRI is much more sensitive for all the answers.  MRI will show an area of infarction and bleeding.  CT MAY show it depending on age of the infarct (dead tissue from stroke) and also the size. CT is quite sensitive for recent bleeding but with time the bleeding may not be as well seen on CT.

So again MRI will tell the story.

However, stroke is a clinical term for any neurological deficit. It is not the same as an infarct that may be seen on MRI or CT. Sometimes strokes do not result in permanent damage to the tissue if they resolve quickly and hence will not be seen on MRI or CT.

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