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QUESTION: Hello, I am trying to understand my cat scan report and I am not sure how scared I should be. There is a 9mm triangular nodule along the right minor fissure and there is a 2mm nodule in the left lower lobe.
It also says there are scattered mediastinal lymph nodes measuring up to 9mm. Also says in the soft tissue scattered left subpectoral lymph

ANSWER: Donna,
How old are you? The probabilities will greatly depend on your age.
Ask a follow up question here and provide me your age, and I will be able to respond more appropriately.  Include other significant medical conditions and surgeries.  Family history of cancers.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am 50. My grandfather and uncle died of lung cancer. I have emphysema, I had a collapsed lung in my early twenties,in my mid thirties I had missed fundoplication. Had ct due to pain in back with certain movements of my arms. No other medical issues


The findings are not overly concerning given the description and location of each nodule.  9 mm is on a bigger side however triangular shape is less concerning.  However, given your age and strong family history of lung cancer, you should have follow up of these nodules at a regular time intervals for the next two years to ensure their stability. I am sure radiology report mentioned follow up.  This is the only way to determine if the nodules are benign.  There is what is called Fleischner criteria that we follow for lung nodules. Here is a sample link.
Small lymph nodes should also be reassessed at the time of a CT follow up.

We see pulmonary nodules all the time and many patients and follow them closely. Most of the time the nodules are benign.

Hope this helps.



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