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US impression : Thickened endometrium with tiny cystic focus seen within endometrium. Corrrelate with pregnancy test as appearance raises possible tiny intrauterine gestational sac. I took pregnancy test and it was negative. Plus tubal in 1997. Is it possible I could be pregnant still, and if its not a gestational sac then what could it be? Also right ovary was enlarged at 5.9x3.2x3.6 with 3 cysts inside. Does an enlarged ovary indicate possible cancer?


I highly doubt you are pregnant with your history of test and tubal.  I am not sure what that little cyst is.  it's either some surface cyst of no clinical significance, an artifact of some sort or perhaps some residual material from menstrual cycle.  the best option for you is to have a follow up US in6-8 weeks and see if it goes away...which is what may happen.

regarding the ovary.  Given that it has 3 cysts inside is probably the reason that it is on the larger side.  ie it is not the ovarian tissue itself that is enlarged but rather the ovary is expanded from the cysts.  Normal appearance of the ovary with cysts does not indicate cancer. However, we usually follow up on the cysts in 6-8 weeks to make sure they don't grow.

I would not worry about any of these findings especially given your age, which I guess would be less then 50 but you have two things that you can get US for in 6-8 weeks to put all your concerns to rest.

Hope this helps.



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