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Do you know if it is possible to have a baker's cyst reform one month after draining completely to a larger size of 5.5cm x 1.2cm? Are baker's cyst usually round? Can they be long or snake like?

This happened after torn meniscal surgery that was followed by bilateral pulmonary embolisms, a complicated unilateral effusion that resolved mostly after three months, and two clots on the inner side of my calf.

Thank you.

Hello Sheila,

Yes, baker's cysts do not need to be round, they can certainly be alongated, especially if it was drained already. It is quite possible for the cyst to reform in one month. However, another possibility is just fluid sitting in that pocket without any walls (the presence of the walls would make it a cyst.  
Sorry to hear about the serious complications. I surely hope you are better and recovering. Not sure what you plan to do about the possibly recurrent cyst but I would certainly see if it grows or become symptomatic again and address it with your surgeon again.

Hope this helps.

Michael K.


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