I am looking into furthering my education in the department of radiology. I was wondering if you could tell me what a normal day would consist of for an technician. I was also looking into the ultrasound part. Do you have an opinion on which would be a better career decisions for myself? Any comments or advice concerning the Radiology field would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hello Paige,

I will be brief here as this is not something that has to do with medical questions.
Regular technician does regular xrays; sometimes they assist with fluoroscopic examinations.
US techs go to a different school and do only US exams. Same goes for CT techs and MRI techs.
I am not a technologist but rather a radiologist, a physician, so I can't really give you any advise on what is best for you.  You would have to perhaps shadow some techs in radiology.  Certainly, if you are looking at financial reimbersements then MRI or nuclear medicine is highest on the list.

Hope this helps.



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