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Radiology/Mislabeled (wrong patient) Brain CT Scan or not?


I have two CT Brain Scans from two separate institutions done at different times.  The DICOM images of the two CT scans appear to be materially different, and I am concerned that the original scan was mislabed with the wrong patient id.  I I have uploaded the two CT studies in question  on  The links are:

CT Brain Scan 1

CT Brain Scan 2

Could you determine from the studies I posted whether the brain scans belong to the same patient?  Thank you for your help and advice.

Hello, Eleni.

First, I am not a physician, so I'm not qualified to interpret diagnostic imaging. That being said, these two scans look enough alike that it's entirely possible that they could be of the same patient.

The differences you see can be attributed to patient positioning, contrast and brightness settings used to record each study and 11 years of improvement in CT scanning technology.

If you are really concerned about this, I recommend you take both scans to a radiologist for comparison and a second opinion.

Hope this helps,


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