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QUESTION: Hello.  Had an ultrasound of my neck because I found a lump.  I was told the results are fine, and we're just going to keep an eye on it.  Just wondering what this specific text means, regarding increased echo texture:

Sub mental well delineated lesion is noted. 1.2x.3x.9cm. Central increased echo texture is noted. Baseline established and follow up can be provided as needed depending on clinical situation.

What is increased echo texture?  Thank you!


ANSWER: Cindy,

Increased echo texture means it appears brighter than the surroundings on the ultrasound screen.  Did they say in the report that it is a lymph node by any chance?

Hope this is helpful.

Michael K.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, it is the submental lymph node.

OK. Good.
I would agree with following it. It is likely just reactive to a mild inflammation or infection that you may not have even noticed, thanks to our immune system; and the lymph nodes just swallowed that up and is now a bit prominent.  It will persist or increase over the next several weeks then perhaps another look is indicated; not only with an US but with a good exam of your oral cavity/tongue/gums/teeth/surrounding skin etc...



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