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Radiology/Too Many CT Scans?


I know you've answered similar questions before, but I'd just like to double check...

I've had 3 brain CT scans (& multiple X-Rays in various areas) in the past two years and I'm scheduled for a CT scan of the abdomen. Are 4 CT scans in 2 years too much? Most doctors have told me they don't like to give that much radiation but it's up to me...

Also, is contrast dye recommended to better see the stomach, pancreas etc?

Very much appreciated for your time & expertise.
Thank you.

Sorry for the delay.

In general I would say that 4 scans in two years is not that much...AND the radiation dose is to different organs, head vs abdomen, which matters.  The main factor would be the reason for the scan.  In US, doctors do order scans way too freely for even mild occasional symptoms.  

while I don't know the reason for your scan, it would not be too much of a radiation for you to get it.

A good site for risks from xray is which will show you increase in risk of cancer over a general population if you plug in the CTs that you got...

IV contrast and oral contrast would be useful in evaluation of abdominal organs.



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