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I have been suffering with mid to low back pain for several years. I am a 54 year old female. My MRI dat3ed 9-9-13 states that L2L3-mild diffuse annular disk bulge with bilateral facet and ligamentum flavum hypertropic change.  There is minimal canal. stenosis.  L3L4-there is a diffuse annular disk bulge with bilateral facet and ligamentum hypertropic change.  Mild central canal stenosis.  L4L5-the is a diffuse annular disk bulge with a right foraminal and paracentral component.  There is a small right paracentral annular disk tear.  There is bilateral facet and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy.  The changes at this level result in moderate central canal stenosis and bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing. L5S1- diffuse annular disk bulge with tiny central disk protrusion.  There is bilateral facet and hypertrophic change.  Impression: Moderate multilevel degenerative changes as above.    I have dull, aching, burning pain in my back, often when I bend in an odd way I have severe sharp pain.  I have trouble sitting or standing for more than 20 to 30 minutes.  My family doctor did not explain my mri results and referred me to pain management after prescribing Neurontin which 3 months later I do not see much difference in my pain.  I have the upcoming pain management appointment and wonder what they will do...injections, paid medication, or am I a candidate for something else???Thanks so much for any interpretation and advice you may offer.

It seems like the bulging discs etc are causing nerve pain which can be severe and difficult to treat.  I think you are going in the right direction to see a pain management specialist.  Pain management, however, is not my specialty.  So I'm not really sure what treatment options they have for you.  Good luck.


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