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I recently had a PET/CT scan done because I have lymphadenopathy, elevated wbc, sed rate, crp and this has been going on over a year now. I had an axillary lymph node biopsied in Oct and it came back as reactive. The Dr ordered the PET and it revealed increased uptake of 6 in adenoidal region, uptake of 3.4 suv in left axillary lymph node as well as some in my endometrium thought to be physiologic. My question is would it be wise for another biopsy to see what is causing the elevated uptake in adenoidal region and should I be concerned about a 3.4 suv in my lymph node considering I have lymphadenopathy in neck, and incidentally it was found I have portacaval 14mm, numerous peri-portal 9-10mm on a ct of my kidneys because of extremely elevated blood pressure, as well as numerous enlarged inguinal nodes. I do not feel well and am concerned. Thanks for your time!

Hello Sonya,

It appears that you have several things that need to be worked up. Firstly, you have several inflammatory markers elevated (sed rate and CRP). Given these diffuse mild enlargement of the lymph nodes is completely non specific and further tests need to be done to narrow down what kind of inflammatory condition you may have. These are too numerous for me to even try and list. You need to see a specialist. PET numbers are not entirely compatible with anything neoplastic or malignant like lymphoma especially given a biopsy. I would probably do many blood tests for specific antibodies and antigents and take a very careful detailed history. A repeat biopsy may be warranted if nothing else comes back positive.  I do not have a specific tests to suggest as I don't have a lot of information on prior work up but if you are seeing a general practitioner that doesn't have further solid plans, you should see a specialist such as ENT (given your adenopathy and adenoidal hypertrophy) perhaps rheumatology and go from there.

Hope this helps somewhat although I don't have any solid "next step" answer for you.
Have wonderful holidays.


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